Zen Meditation and Yoga Retreat

A Day of Peace
Zen Meditation & Yoga Retreat

October 10th 2020
9am - 6:30pm

A full Saturday retreat to calm the mind and nurture the body. You will learn and  practice Zen and other Meditation techniques, do Hatha and Restorative Yoga, learn and practice The Transformation Method, and partake in Mindful Eating and enjoy the beauty of Nature in the zen garden.


9am - 6:30pm Saturday, October 10th

Typical Retreat Schedule:
9am - Opening circle with intensions and meditation instructions.
10:30am - Break
10:45am - mixed level Yoga to prepare the body for meditation
11:45am - Zen Meditation (two 20 minutes sessions) 
1pm - Lunch Break and enjoy the Zen Gardens
2:30pm - Restorative Yoga
3:15pm - Silent Walking Meditation
3:30pm -  Break
4pm - Integration Process
5:30pm - Final Meditation
6pm - Closing circle

Tuition and Registration:

  • Tuition $85 includes: 
  • Participation in all yoga, meditation and retreat activities via Zoom or in person at the Zen Center.
  • Health vegetarian lunch if participating at the Zen Center.
  • To register text or call (760)519-7161.


Sozui Schbuert-sensei, after receiving a Master's degree in architecture in Munich, Sozui Sensei went to Japan in search of an authentic Rinzai Zen master. In 1990 She found her teacher in Shodo Harada-roshi, abbot of Sogen-ji Monastery in Okayama, Japan, where she underwent full time monastic training for the next 20 years. She received full ordination and the Buddhist name Sozui "the Origin of TrueHappiness"  from Shodo Harada-roshi in 1995. In 2002 Roshi asked her to go to Hungary, to help get the fledgling Zen Buddhist sangha on its feet. She also worked with Zen groups in Latvia, Italy, and Russia, and established a Zen group in Munich, Germany. 

In 2012, she was asked to come to HVZC as junior teacher in residence. Since then she leads daily practice, and Zen Sesshin (retreats) of various lengths at the Hidden Valley Zen Center.

Sherry Schreck, M.S., Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master. In Addition to her Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sherry has 20 years of experience as a yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner working with people to support their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body’s natural healing ability. To see detailed bio click here


The Hidden Valley Zen Center
2626 Sarver Lane 
San Marcos, California

Yoga Classes at the 
Hidden Valley Zen Center!

Sandra is offering mixed level yoga classes at the Zen Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5:30 pm Pacific time Click here for more information.

Zoom Yoga Classes

Sherry is  live on Zoom Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Click here for the schedule.