Throat Chakra 
Yoga Poses for Healing

Neck Stretches for Throat Chakra Yoga

Create space in the neck by extending it with simple stretches of the neck in all directions. 

Alignment Points: When you stretch the neck make sure that you keep the neck long by extending the crown of the head at all times. You never lift your head by moving just the chin. Always move the neck with the head as you stretch it.

Shoulder stretch for Throat Chakra Yoga

Shoulder stretches with a partner requires good communication going in and out of the pose, a practice of trust and communication.

Stand in front of your partner with your arms stretched out in front of you close enough to hold their wrists. When you are both ready start to lean back and support each others weight. When you are comfortable with that position start to bend at the hip creases, sticking your buttocks backward. You will be supporting more of your partners weight and them yours. Make sure to communicate with them if you need more support (ie ask them to lean back more). In the final position your upper bodies will be parallel to the ground and you will feel a good stretch in the shoulders. 

Alignment Points:Make sure that your knees stay micro-bent and not locked; Keep your shoulders actively hugging down your back, especially if you have had a shoulder injury in the past.

Wild Thing for Throat Chakra Yoga

Allow this creative and wild expression of the side plank to be an artistic expression of your body.

Start in plank with the wrist creases right in front of the top of the shoulders. As you keep the waist line up towards the sky and scoop the tail bone, melt the heart towards the ground, allowing the shoulder blades to move onto the back. Shift your weight to the right arm and stack the feet together (the outside right foot will touch the ground). Inhale as you extend the left arm up towards the sky. This is Vashistasana. To move to a more creative variation, step the top foot behind your body with the knee bent. As you move the head and neck back together, lift the heart and hips up towards the sky. The arm will extend along side the head reaching towards the floor. Feel how expansive this creative variation of side plank is. After about five deep breaths, come back to plank and move to the others side. 

Alignment Points: It’s very important for the safety of the shoulder muscles to keep the hand slightly forward of your shoulder when you move to the side. If you have had a shoulder injury or are weaker in the shoulders, try the side plank pose with the right knee on the ground. This pose is safer and will help build the strength needed to do the final pose. 

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) for Throat Chakra Yoga

In shoulder stand our whole body is upside down. From this shifted perspective we can see ourselves in a different light, perhaps more honestly. This pose also awakens the fifth chakra by stretching the neck.

Start lying on your back with your knees bent and your arms next to your body, palms down. As you press your head and arms into the ground, rock your legs into your chest and extend your legs up towards the sky and catch your back with your hands. To get deeper into the pose, move your heads closer to your shoulder blades. 

Alignment points:The neck should not touch the floor. If the neck touches the mat, use a blanket under the shoulders (not under the neck or head). This will help keep the natural curve of the neck. When in shoulder stand never turn your head, keep the gaze up towards the sky.

Halasana (plough pose) for Throat Chakra Yoga

In plough we enjoy a new perspective as we stretch our entire back body: neck, spinal column and back muscles and hamstrings. We activate the part of us often hidden from view which can reveal a higher perspective in our lives.

Begin from Sarvangasana or shoulder stand. Take your legs down towards the floor behind your head. If they do not touch the floor keep your hands supporting your back. If your toes touch the floor with the legs straight while the neck is off the mat, interlace the hands behind the back. Root the arms, head and toes into the ground to help extend the buttocks up towards the sky.

Alignment points:The neck should not touch the floor. If the neck touches the mat, use a blanket under the shoulders (not under the neck or head). This will help keep the natural curve of the neck. When in shoulder stand never turn your head, keep the gaze up towards the sky.

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