Reiki Training

Reiki I Training

November 2nd & 3rd
1pm - 5pm both days

Reiki means universal life energy and is a healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. Reiki works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds and penetrates the body promoting natural healing. Once trained the practitioner may treat oneself or another. 


Saturday 1-5pm

  • History of Reiki and self-healing practice.
  • Hand placements for offering Reiki to others (front body). 
  • Practice techniques and receive Reiki. 

Sunday 1-5pm 

  • Hand placements for working on the back. 
  • Practice techniques and receive Reiki. 

Tuition and Registration:

  • $300 for full level I training. 
  • To register text or call (760)519-7161.


Sherry Schreck, M.S., Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master. In Addition to her Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, Sherry has 20 years of experience as a yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner working with people to support their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body’s natural healing ability. 


The Hidden Valley Zen Center
2626 Sarver Lane 
San Marcos, California

Live Online Yoga Classes

I'm teaching live online yoga classes 5 days a week. Click here for the link and schedule.

Chakra Half Day Retreats Now Offered Live Online
Saturday's 10am - 3:30 pm

This year, I will be leading a series of seven half day Chakra Retreats on Saturdays, from 10am. to 3:30pm. Each retreat is unique and will focus on a particular chakra. Participating in all of them will provide a deep understanding of the connections among your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, providing better balance for a healthy, joyful life.

For more information click here.

A Weekend of Peace:
Zen Meditation & Yoga Retreat

October 10-11th, 2020

A Weekend retreat to calm the mind and nurture the body. You will learn and  practice Zen and other Meditation techniques, do Hatha and Restorative Yoga, learn and practice The Transformation Method, and partake in Mindful Eating and enjoy the beauty of Nature in the zen garden and walking a meditation labyrinth.

For more information click here.