Pre-recorded Chakra Yoga Classes

To access the pre-recorded classes you will need to have Zoom on your computer or the app installed. You can watch from a smart phone, tablet, or computer using Zoom, just click on the link corresponding to the class you want to take and copy the passcode. The most recent class is listed first and are divided into mixed level and Gentle yoga classes. 

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Mixed Level Yoga Classes

A Throat Chakra yoga class which focuses on stretching the neck and shoulder loop alignment. Here we are activating our right to be heard and to listen. We practice this with awareness of our Ujai breathing. Our breath gives us feedback on wether we are over stressing or if we are moving from ease which is our natural eternal state. We finish with a savasana and meditation on the exhale pause of the breath and focusing on Peace. Click here to take the class. The passcode in E7Wq9%5%

A Solar Plexus chakra class which focuses on creating from the abundance of Spirit instead of making something from the ego's thoughts of lack or thinking that something is missing and fill that space. Each pose can be created from a feeling of fullness and joy. This classes focuses on the physical strengthening and stretching of the core. Click here to take the class. The passcode is *T@3HjvJ 

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Heart Chakra Gentle Yoga Class which focuses on the stretching of the shoulders and the shoulder loop alignment. Here we become more aware of the heart center and who we truly are, Spirit, resonating with love. We finish with a heart focused savasana and a 'loving kindness' meditation. Click here to take the class. The passcode is 0Eq=7Cgt 

Root Chakra Gentle yoga class focusing on grounding and focusing your awareness to remember who you are - Spirit. The class works on feet, legs and balancing poses. We do gentle inversions to calm the nervous system and stretch and strengthen the legs to encourage the stability of the body. Click here to take the class. The passcode is  &8m+.cZ0 

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Yoga Classes at the 
Hidden Valley Zen Center!

Sandra is offering mixed level yoga classes at the Zen Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5:30 pm Pacific time Click here for more information.

Zoom Yoga Classes

Sherry is  live on Zoom Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Click here for the schedule.