Heart Chakra Meditation Techniques

Anahata cakra meditation– focusing on the heart cakra and imagine element of air and the quality lightness and expansion. Breathing into the cakra from all directions. On your exhale, extend energy lines to earth and sky. Continue. You may add a mantra – Yam or Om Namah Shivah.

Breathing in Love. Focus the breath in and out of the location of the heart. Cultivate the feeling of love, moving in and expending outward with the breath. Imagine love moving in on the inhale and expanding outward on the exhale. If there feels like a blocking the heart area, imagine a door opening and your awareness moving through the opening until the block begins to disperse.

Resting in the Divine Heart- Focus the breath in and out of the location of the heart chakra. Repeat the Mantra ‘my heart is the heart of the universe’ or ‘My heart is the Divine’s heart’. You might put in the name of the Ishvara that you connect with. Feel as if you were resting in and fully supported by the divine.

Metta Meditation– You will be offering four blessings to a number of different people. The blessings are the following. They can be variations of these statements. Make them have meaning to you.

  • May they be happy
  • May they be healthy
  • May they have peace of mind
  • May they live Their life with ease

    • Send these to a benefactor. Someone who has helped you and even guided you.
    • Send them to a friend.
    • Send them to a neutral person may be someone you just met that you don’t have any particular feelings about
    • Send them to someone that you have a conflict with.
    • Send them to everyone everywhere

Entering the Heart– focus on the heart space in the center of the chest. Center your breath and awareness in the inner heart space. Notice the energy in this space. Imagine an opening or doorway within the energy of the heart. Let it lead your awareness inward, deeper into the heart space. Continue imagining another opening leading in deeper and deeper until your attention wants to rest. Rest in the energy and quiet of your heart. Breathe in pure conscious energy and as you breathe out, allow the energy to expand the energy of your heart. If your awareness is pulled into the 3rdeye or crown of your head follow the pull. 

Reiki 1 Training

September 14th - 15th
1-5pm both days

Reiki means universal life energy and is a healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. Reiki works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds and penetrates the body promoting natural healing. Once trained the practitioner may treat oneself or another. 

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Fall Zen Meditation and Yoga Retreat

October 5th, 9am-6:30pm

A Saturday retreat to calm the mind and nurture the body. You will learn and  practice Zen and Metta Meditation, do Hatha and Restorative Yoga, partake in Mindful Eating and enjoy the beauty of Nature in the zen garden or walking a meditation labyrinth..

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