Root Chakra

The 1stchakra is known as Muladhara chakra meaning “root support” in Sanskrit. Related to the earth element, it draws us toward the grounding nature of earth and is located nearest to the ground in the body, at the base of the spine, near the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus). Some claim its location within us is the resting place of the Kundalini Shakti, an orb of unfathomable energy awaiting arousal. If awakened through committed practice and grace, the energy is freed to surge up the body to join the 7thchakra, merging the power of earth with Divine potency resulting in an enlightened state of bliss.

The body stands as a gateway to explore the abundance of our outer world, allowing us the tactile experience of objects and people around us. It also provides us a path to our inner world. Instead of utilizing mystical techniques and systems to bypass the physical body on the way to a higher plane, we must become utterly aware of our bodies, fully bearing every luscious sensation of life. When we are this awake, we can connect with the witness within, our true self, the piece of us that watches our reactions and thoughts, ever wise, still and passively at peace. Bringing awareness to the Muladhara Chakra centers us, granting us the harmony of living fully in the present, embracing what is real and discerning when our minds are concealing the truth from us, causing us to topple from a solid place. 

The 1stchakra is linked to the feet, legs and bones, the structures of the body that literally hold us up, as well as the intestines, the organ essential to the core of health, our digestive system. It is also connected to the glands affected most by fear, the adrenals. Fear is the challenge of the 1stchakra, if there is a deficiency here; terror and anxiety creep closer to the surface. This type of fear may not be associated with any real danger; it’s a lingering, unsettling sense of doom, waiting to reveal itself when we’re at our most vulnerable. Those who suffer from anxiety disorder come to fear the fear, which is exactly what can trigger an attack of panic.The most basic aspects of life can produce the most distress- our body image, our eating habits, our relationships, our work and our place in this world. These are the parts of life connected with the 1stchakra. Without healing here first, we have no healthy root from which to grow and prosper.

If the results of your chakra self-test reveal an excessive or deficient first chakra, you may be struggling to find balance regarding body image, food, physical health or your very right to be on this planet, thriving safely and successfully. 

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