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Classes offered in Escondido

It came as a shock to all of the teachers and students at Dang Good Yoga announced its closing on May 31st. When we heard a group of students and teachers got together and worked out a plan to support the students of DGY to continue with their yoga practice. We have rented out the space and are offering a series of classes offered on a donation basis during the month of June. This was done so that we would have time to find a new owner or location for our yoga school. There are multiple options being followed. We will be continuing! it's just in transition so having a temporary solution was created. The class schedule is listed below and all classes are offered at a suggested donation of $15. 

See you in Class!


Location Yoga Classes

Yoga Studio

1440 S Escondido Blvd
Escondido, CA 92025

Schedule of Yoga Classes in June

9:00am All Levels Robert

5:30pm Level 1-2 Sherry

7:00pm Level 1 Sherry

9:00am Level 1 Sherry

5:30pm Level 1-2 Sherry

7:00pm Level 1   Sherry

9:00am All Levels   Robert

9:00am Level 2  Wendy for 6/8 &15 and Bob Moy for 6/22 & 29

10:30am Level 1 Dinah for  6/15 and Bob Moy for 6/22 & 29

Zen Meditation and Yoga Retreat

A full day retreat at the Hidden Valley Zen Center designed to calm the mind and nurture the  body. During this bliss filled day you will  learn and practice  Zen Meditation, do Hatha  and Restorative  Yoga, partake in Mindful Eating and enjoy the beauty of nature in Silent Walking Meditation. 

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