A Day of Peace
Zen Meditation & Yoga Retreat

October 10th, 2020

Enjoy a full Saturday retreat to calm the mind and nurture the body. You will learn and  practice Zen and other Meditation techniques, do Hatha and Restorative Yoga, learn and practice The Integration Process, and partake in Mindful Eating and enjoy the beauty of Nature in the zen garden.

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Balancing the Chakras Retreat
Saturday, November 14th
9am - 6pm

The Balancing the Chakras Retreat provides a deep experience of the connections among your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, providing better balance for a healthy, joyful life. Click here for more information.

Event Testimonials


Staged in a beautiful sanctuary setting, away from the distractions of everyday life, Sherry’s Retreat offers the time & space to “ quiet the whirling mind.” Using multiple modalities of breath work, meditation techniques, mindful labyrinth walking & gentle, restorative Yoga, you will witness yourself moving into the Silence and Rest In Oneness with Your Divine Self. I simply can’t endorse too highly the benefits...Peace of Mind, Joy in Living, A Sense of Deep Connection  to the World around You!

- Retired Sales Manager

Zen meditation retreats have been a beautiful calming experience for me. A day filled with Self Healing and Love makes everything better.  

- Yoga Instructor

With a variety of quiet and mindful activities including the healthy-tasty-inspiring meal, I learned and experienced tools to help heal myself. The whole experience feels so relaxing, and the de-stressing effect eases my ongoing skin issues every time I participate in the retreats at the Zen Center.

- Accountant 

Reiki Training Events

Reiki training with Sherry Schreck last weekend was Awesome! The connection I received through Reiki has been an eye opening experience... Life seems more beautiful than ever.  

- Yoga Instructor

Live Online Yoga Classes

 I'm live on Zoom 5 days a week Monday - Friday  at 9 am and Monday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm. Click here for the link and schedule.

New Years Chakra Alignment Retreat Online
January 2nd, 2021
9am - 1pm

The online New Years Chakra Alignment Retreat provides a deep experience of the connections among your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, providing better energy alignment with your New Years intentions for a healthy, joyful new year. Click here for more information and registration instructions.