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Chakra Support News, Issue #002 -- New yoga classes added in Sept, Reiki training, Fall Retreat
September 04, 2019

Moving into the Fall at the Hidden Valley Zen Center

We've enjoyed a wonderfully peaceful 2 month this summer at the Hidden Valley Zen Center (HVZC). Thanks to all of you that have been coming and enjoying the peace and beauty that is part of this space. It adds such an amazing quality to the yoga, taking the experience to a deeper levels. We have a lot of exciting new events and classes added this fall!

September Yoga Schedule at HVZC

Sandra will be joining us at the Hidden Valley Zen Center with NEW evening classes starting September 15th! She is teaching on Sunday at 6:30pm with a Restorative Yoga Class and on Monday at 6:30pm for a level 1 yoga class. Here is the schedule:

Sunday 6:30pm Restorative Yoga - Sandra Monday 6:30pm Level 1 Yoga - Sandra; Tuesday 5:30pm Multi level Yoga - Sherry; Wednesday 9am level 1 - Sherry; Thursday 5:30pm Multi level - Sherry; Friday 9am level 1 yoga - Sherry;

All classes are on a donation basis. We suggest a $15 donation but give what you can. Or NEW OPTION - you can buy a 10 class pass for $120! See you in Class soon! click here to see the whole month of September's yoga classes

Reiki 1 Training

Reiki means universal life energy and is a healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. Reiki works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds and penetrates the body promoting natural healing. Once trained the practitioner may treat oneself or another. click here for more information on the reiki 1 training.

Free Online Reiki Healing

I have published a few online reiki healing videos. I have completed a Root Chakra Healing video which is good for stress and fear release and a Chakra Balancing video which ideal for an overall sense of well being. Enjoy! click here for the link to root chakra healing or chakra balancing video

Fall Meditation and Yoga Retreat Oct 5th

Join our new and last zen meditation yoga retreat of the year on October 5th. We have had three different retreats here and each one offers is a unique experience. This fall with the cooler weather we will be adding a walking labyrinth meditation to our schedule. Here we walk in appreciation of past and enthusiasm for the present to support integrating some of the challenges in life. click for more details on our events

Or click here if you have questions or are ready to register for either event and leave me an email.

Online Hour Yoga Classes

Sometimes we just can't make it to class. So the links below are to my yoga YouTube channel which has a couple of one hour classes. 1st Hatha Yoga Video which explores Shakti, the power of consciousness

2nd Hatha Yoga video on the ego and our senses and how it relates to the universe

Online 15 Minute Yoga Classes

Other times we only have 15 minutes to do a little yoga. Here is a 15 minutes routine that can help ground ourselves in the present moment and release a little stress. here is a link to my chakra YouTube channel: click here for root chakra yoga video and pose explanation.

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